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Episode 22

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19th Sep 2022

Work is Stopped

Ellie Harrison recorded on 01/08/2022

Ellie Harrison is a performance maker and artist living in Leeds and working internationally. She is artistic director of the Grief Series, a sequence of seven arts projects that open up spaces to talk about bereavement and end of life.

The Grief Series is multi-sensory with audiences being engaged as participants and co-creators. Informed by rigorous research with academics, clinicians and the public, the series aims to create safe spaces where notions of grief and bereavement can be discussed and expressed openly through a range of empowering creative practice.

Ellie creates a range of solo and collaborative devised performance work for studios, galleries, found and public spaces. Participation is at the heart of all of her work as a performer, facilitator and mentor. Ellie specialises in embedding care and ethical participation both in her own practice and offering consultancy to other artists and organisations. Her work is often characterised by a playful and provocative approach to difficult topics, encouraging audiences to make decisions and participate.

Ellie lectures on her practice, writing articles, giving talks, performances and workshops at universities internationally including University of the arts London, Sorbonne Paris, UAM Mexico City.

You can find out more about the grief series here:

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