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Episode 13

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13th Jun 2022

Work is Wired

Henry Raby recorded 13/05/2022

Henry Raby is a York-based, performance poet, theatre-maker, play-wright and workshop facilitator. His work has been described as playful, highly-charged, passionate and anarchic!

He’s performed at festivals and events across the UK, has been published by Burning Eye Books and runs York based spoken word organisation Say Owt. He’s ½ of Vandal Factory Theatre Company and has worked for various theatres. He leads work in schools, Youth Theatres and community groups.

Chapel FM is the first-ever arts venue in East Leeds. Last year they had a massive 78% increase in the number of visitors attending the Centre. Take a look at their re-designed website to see the massive range of events, broadcasting and training that go on at Chapel FM.

Chapel FM’s overall aim is to have a positive impact in their local area—Seacroft and East Leeds. Their Theory of Change states: We aim to develop East Leeds as a community that has pride, vision and hope for the future— where people welcome and share new ideas and work together to make things happen.

You can see more about their full Theory of Change at

You can find out more about Henry at

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Working Hours
The Story of Work in Leeds in the 2020s
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Western Studios, Leeds presents Working Hours: a podcast series surveying the people of Leeds on their thoughts and feelings on the topic of work. I want to talk to my city about work. Why do we do it? Do we like it? What could we do differently? What will we? How does work change and how does it change us?
Leeds, the largest city in the largest county on the UK mainland, is a former imperial textile centre and is now a major UK financial centre. This series will document the city’s experiences through Lockdown, Brexit, creeping technological unemployment, new and continuing resource wars, the ongoing dismantling of the welfare state and our accelerating ecological emergency.
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