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Episode 33

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5th Nov 2022

Work is a Dance

Lydia Cottrell recorded on 05/05/2022

Lydia Cottrell is a dancer, artist, black metal make up social media influencer and a social media consultant. At the time of recording Lydia was also the Communications and Engagement Manager at Compass Live Arts.

Every two years Compass Festival animates the city of Leeds with interactive live art projects in public spaces. This year they have commissioned five exuberant and playful encounters made with and for the people of Leeds.

This year between 18th – 27th November, Compass invites you to share your best piece of advice, take a journey on an afro futurist spaceship, delve into a surreal soundscape in a familiar place, eat your way through Caribbean ancestry and help us answer the question: ‘What are the flavours of Leeds?’.

Join Compass at Kirkgate Market, St John’s Centre and at a host of supermarkets across the city, to rediscover and reimagine the everyday, right where you live, work and play. All of the events are FREE, some you will come across and be able to get involved straight away, some have limited capacity and for Wondermart you need to reserve a time-slot.

For more information on the festival and Compass live arts go to

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Working Hours
The Story of Work in Leeds in the 2020s
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Western Studios, Leeds presents Working Hours: a podcast series surveying the people of Leeds on their thoughts and feelings on the topic of work. I want to talk to my city about work. Why do we do it? Do we like it? What could we do differently? What will we? How does work change and how does it change us?
Leeds, the largest city in the largest county on the UK mainland, is a former imperial textile centre and is now a major UK financial centre. This series will document the city’s experiences through Lockdown, Brexit, creeping technological unemployment, new and continuing resource wars, the ongoing dismantling of the welfare state and our accelerating ecological emergency.
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